Chet Rodgers passed away after a head injury playing flag football in Provo, Utah.

August 01, 1999

Chet at 18: His last photos

Chet with his mom, Marian, at Joy and Quin Gardner's wedding reception in Mesa, AZ.

“I saw Chet for the first time in August 1999 at a basketball game at the LDS 16th blvd chapel in Gainesville, FL. My children were in a scout meeting in the building. While waiting, I immediately went to the cultural room to watch the basketball game because I had played during high school. Chet was there playing and had a special light around him. During the game, I looked for someone to tell me about this special boy. He was more interested in setting up passes so his team mates could score, rather than he scoring all the points. He was also playing with a good attitude and always smiling. I was amazed with his altruism and his sweet manner of treating his team. Somebody told me that this young man was Chet Rodgers, and he was soon leaving for college in Orem, Utah. When the game finished, I ran to Chet and said to him, "You are an extraordinary player!!!" I so enjoyed watching him play.

A few months later in November my friend, Dora Loosli, seemed really worried. So I asked her what was wrong. She told me that Sister Rodgers’ son was seriously injured during a football game. I said, "No!!! Is it Chet, Sister Loosli?" She was surprised that I would be acquainted with Chet and replied, “Yes, you know him?” My heart began beating fast, and I silently asked Heavenly Father, "Why him, Father? He is so special and is a good example to everyone." After a short time later I found out that Chet had passed away. I cried like a mother for her child. Nobody in my family knows Chet Rodgers, but he won my heart in only a few hours.”
~Jenina Driaza (

Chet with his family for sister, Joy's, wedding to Quin. Above, Chet is pinching his older sister, Laura's, butt!!! Can you tell from their giggles?

Chet giving the best man toast at his sister, Joy's, wedding reception in Gainesville, FL.

Chet with his younger sister, Meredith.Chet eating lunch with family and Elder Richard G. Scott who married Joy and Quin.

June 01, 1999

Chet at 18 spent the summer in Arizona

When Chet was greeted by his sister, Joy, at the Phoenix airport he was in for a styling surprise. Because Quin's family owned a limo service, friends decided to pretend to be a security service while picking up the "celebrity" Chet. Above Chet and sister, Joy, laughing in the limo on the way home from the airport.Chet with sister, Joy's, in laws: Wayne, Rowena, and Mandy.Chet with brother in law, Quin, and sister in law, Mandy. Chet and Quin worked together on steel construction for the summer. Chet learned how to ride a horse at the Gardner's ranch in New Mexico.
Chet with sister in law, Mandy, in Arizona.

Chet with sister, Joy, brother in law, Quin, sister, Laura, and mom, Marian, at dinner in Arizona.

December 25, 1998

Chet Celebrates Christmas

The Rodgers' family loves their Christmas traditions.On Christmas eve, the family gathers for a traditional dinner. Bells are placed above each person's plate setting. And all at once, the family "rings in Christmas." Then, each person opens an ornament before the meal.All the children sleep in the same room together on Christmas Eve. Then, come Christmas morning, the kids gather outside mom and dad's bedroom to sing Christmas carols to wake them up.The kids can not see the tree right away on Christmas morning because there is a sheet placed in front of the hall way door. To add to the suspense, the children are lined up youngest to oldest and close their eyes as they are led to the tree. Eyes still closed, the kids are handed their stockings and led back to mom and dad's bedroom to open stockings on the "big bed."After all the stockings are opened, the kids are led again to the tree with their eyes closed. When everyone is lined up, the children could then open their eyes to see if Santa and Christmas had come! After the kids open their eyes in front of the tree they can look at all the gifts, but no one can actually touch the presents. Oh the suspense!!! Opening presents comes after breakfast: cheese grits, cheese eggs, cinnamon rolls, and orange juice.

November 01, 1998

Chet at 17 and a senior

Chet was voted "Most Spirited" in his senior superlatives.Chet with his friend, Craig.
"I was a freshman when Chet was a senior. I was chunky, dorky, and in Band. During one of the first football games of the year, my family (including my elementary-aged brother) were sitting in the stands, eagerly awaiting half-time. While I wasn't there myself to see what happened, there was apparently an incident where some of the other over-zealous students were particularly insensitive and unpleasant to my little brother, going so far as to physically push him out of the way.

As the story goes, Chet immediately gave them their "what-for's," and swept my brother up in a hug, dried his tears, and proceeded to seat him on his shoulders for half-time so he could try and see me while I was on the field.

I made it a point to thank Chet on the following Monday. He was so kind - most seniors don't deign to talk to freshmen, but he stopped in public to accept my gratitude. While we didn't talk again after, it was not uncommon for us to nod and smile if we passed each other.
My brother has never forgotten Chet's kindness, either. He openly mourned Chet's passing when he found out, as did I. Chet was truly a very special person, and was taken from his friends and family far too early. To this day, he recounts that tale with fondness, and has said many times that he has tried his hardest to pay that kindness forward, especially at football games. He never hesitates to make buddies with the siblings of football players, cheerleaders, and band members - often doing the same thing for them that Chet did for him - lifting them up high so that they can enjoy the thrill of seeing the person they love down on the field."
--Jacqueline Monck
Chet with his family meeting Joy's husband, Quin, for the first time in Florida. The family tried to impress Quin by appearing "outdoorsy and active" so they took Quin on a hike at O'leno State Park. Unfortunately, they didn't look like natural hikers when they admitted they were indeed very LOST!Chet with his family at his high school graduation ceremony.

October 02, 1998

Chet at 17 and a senior: Homecoming Court

Chet was voted by his high school's student body as Mr. Bobcat on the Senior Homecoming Court.